Installing a washing machine is not rocket science. You just need to understand the prerequisite equipment to get your washer running. For instance, the water inlet, the drainage system and piping, source of electric power and first test run. You may however require the help of qualified and experienced technicians.


Here at Washing Machine Repairs, we’re proud to have a team of experts who are highly experienced in the installation of washing machines and other kitchen appliances throughout Nairobi and Kiambu. Our engineers are committed to providing our customers with quality service, ensuring your washing machine is fitted safely and correctly according to manufacturer’s instructions.

The safety of our customers is fundamental to the work we carry out here at Washing Machine Repairs. Therefore, once the installation of your washing machine is complete, our team of fully trained specialists will conduct safety checks on your appliance, giving you absolute peace of mind.


Our experts are able to install all major branded washing machines, including LG, Samsung, Beko and more. From basic functionality to top of the range models, our engineers are able to install a wide variety of washing machines with the utmost skill and precision for your ultimate convenience.

Whether your washing machine is a free-standing one or a built-in model, rest assured, as our install teams will fit the wooden furniture door as well, making the whole experience effortless.


Be it freestanding, integrated, or a combo washer-dryer, you can count on the certified plumbing specialists who we work with to have your appliance installed in no time! That being said, here is how the professionals perform the solution:

  1. First, your appointed technicians will remove your old machine (if there is one);
  2. Then, they will fit your new washing machine into place;
  3. Once the appliance is set, they will connect the water supply hoses to their respective faucets and then to the back of the washer;
  4. After they are done with that, the professionals will make sure that nothing is leaking;
  5. The next step is for the specialists to connect the drain hose to the washing machine and the drain receptacle;
  6. Finally, the team will plug in the appliance and perform a series of safety checks to make sure that everything is working properly.

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Why choose Washing Machine Repairs Nairobi’ washing machine installation service

1. We can fit all types of washing machine brands

It doesn’t matter if your new washing machine is AEG, Beko, Samsung, LG, Bosch, or any other major brand – you can rest assured that the qualified technicians, who we’ll send you, will fit the appliance properly, following the manufacturer’s instructions.


2. The service is performed by certified plumbing experts

High-quality tools and equipment are just half of the service. The other part, the really important one, is the people who will be completing the installation job. With that being said, all of the plumbing professionals have years of experience, are additionally trained by us, and are certified.

3. You can also benefit from washing machine repair services

Is your old washing machine giving you trouble but still has life in it? No matter if you’re dealing with a stuck door, a scary error code, a funky smell, or a huge leak – we can help restore your appliance, so you don’t have to break the bank to buy a new one!

4. All-in-one solutions beyond Washing Machine Installation

We offer a range of appliance-related services, not just installation help. If your washing machine needs repair and you want a specialist to take a look at it, we will be happy to help. If you don’t know what to do with your old washing machine, worry not.

We can dispose your old appliance, all you need to do is specify this in your booking. And if your washing machine needs a good clean, we provide that too. Contact our appliance cleaning service team anytime.

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